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  • JAGUAR hand chain hoists are not for lifting persons and must not be used for this purpose.
  • Chain bag.
  • Stainless steel chain.
  • Chain bag and very convenient for carrying hand hoist.
Hand Chain Hoists by “JAGUAR” are the handheld devices and an excellent combination of quality, safety and performance. These are lightweight ,compact, and very user friendly.
Suspension and load hooks are forged in high strength steel and are provided with safety bolts capable of rotating 360 degree. The disc brakes are double lining and do not contain metal particles or toxic materials.
The link chains are manufactured in high strength steel and duly complied with national and international standards.
All JAGUAR hand chain hoists are tested beyond their nominal capacity. Each hoist is supplied with a test certificate listing the serial number and an instruction manual containing the CE compliance declaration.