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Present in the main sectors thanks to the wide range of products with various applications for lifting, transporting and handling loads. We prioritise safety, that's why our products go through load tests carried out on our JAGUAR TEST LAB test bench, where we ensure their reliability and performance.





The sector for the production and transformation of metals is the most traditional and the one in which Industrias Jaguar has its deepest roots, since it is the sector with the longest history in the surrounding area. “Jaguar” clamps are widely recognised in the domestic market and consecrated as one of our brand's main products.

This sector has undergone a considerable transformation and revolution, and this has not gone unnoticed at Industrias Jaguar. That's why we are permanently up to date with our customers’ needs and we work to innovate and develop new products that the industry demands 4.0.


The clear commitment to the development of the renewable energies sector opens up a wide range of opportunities for the growth of the wind industry. Our vast experience allows us to adapt solutions for customers that have been part of this sector for years.




The food industry is the main manufacturing industry in the EU. The handling of food and beverages is a delicate and demanding process within a framework of very strict standards, which is why Industrias Jaguar has adapted and optimised its lifting equipment with chains and load hooks to the AISI316 quality standard.


Following a serious housing crisis, it is constantly growing. A sector especially affected by the work accident rates due to the complexity of its operations.

That is why at Industrias Jaguar SAL we pay special attention to the manufacture of chain slings G-80 and G-100 in lifting and traction equipment, but always paying special attention to the after-sales repair service, fine tuning and certification of the equipment.

It is of utmost importance that they are in an optimum state, in accordance with regulations in case the equipment has to be used for another works.




Safety in land and sea transport is a priority for the European Union. Since the approval in June 2017 and coming into force in May 2018 of Royal Decree RD563/2017, the DGT has undertaken to carry out technical inspections in Spain to verify that commercial vehicles meet the regulations that apply to them.

The new G-80 Jaguar chain lashing systems are in compliance with the EN 12195-3 standard thanks to our technical department, which is at the forefront in updating and regulation modifications.


This sector demands some devices with specific characteristics. We have developed a new range of products to meet those needs.The black finishes for the hoists and anchor clamps allow this activity to be carried out without attracting attention and interfering. The new model of wall winch has a special anti-corrosion finish to work in outdoor scenarios without corrosion reducing the lifespan of the device.